Friday, August 29, 2008

Food for Thought

Following up on last week’s dining and lifestyle story:

Dolci Mango frozen yogurt is now open. The shop is located in the Terraces, on the second level near Centinela Pet Supplies tucked beneath the stairwell with the Marshalls sign. Store hours are 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. 28901 S. Western Ave., #227, Rancho Palos Verdes, (310) 984-1229,

“Restaurateur finds ‘Prime’ location” is a new Daily Breeze story on Think Prime, the forthcoming steakhouse from the owner of Think Café and Think Bistro.


Anonymous said...

Best skip Think Prime if you want any service. We left after 25 mins. of waiting at our table for a server to even acknowledge us. There are many other choice that offer much better service at better prices.

Anonymous said...

Terrible Customer Service: Well, I am dating a nice guy and about 1.5 weeks before Valentine's Day he ask where I would like to go to dinner on Valentine's Day. I say Think Prime, in San Pedro. He says okay make the reservations. So I call and a young lady answers the phone, little chitchat and I make the reservation for 5:00 pm. Then He and I chat, so I call back and make it for 6:00pm, she says sure no problem, then one more call since we realize 1.5 weeks before Valentines Day is somewhat short notice, I call and ask not to be seated by the kitchen. She states no problem. Fast forward, we arrive at Think Prime at 5:50 pm 2/14/2010 and one guy, ask are you here for 5:00 pm. My date states no we have reservations for 6:00 pm. There was a look of alarm, so another guy comes over and states to me, not my date are you sure you did not call the Bistro on 25th. I will call them and check. I state no I called here on Western to which he states Well I am the only one that did reservations today and we seat at 5:00,7:00 and 9:00. Meanwhile my date is now fuming. As I stated to guy 2, I spoke with a lady about a week and half ago (normally I get the name this time I didn't), He told me are you sure it was not Think Bistro and I again stated I called and asked was this Think Prime on Western and she stated YES. So basically he called me a liar and then called the Think Bistro, and found out there were no reservations under my friends name. No apologies, maybe there was a mix-up, he waved his hand in the air (the dismissal type of wave) and offered us the opportunity to eat in the lounge. It was only after my date said a few ^%#&&%^ words that he offered us a free drink at the bar. So we went from the lounge now to the bar. Now, I will say I was not thrilled with my friend's language and we did discuss it as we left the restaurant. I am a firm believer you catch more bees with honey than salt. However, I can understand his (my friends) frustration as he had frequented Think Prime before and was disappointed in the so-called help and the making of the phone call to the other restaurant. He said the guy just would not listen and was bent on the fact we were wrong and no one at the restaurant could have made a mistake. I WILL NOT frequent this establish where the Host has such a lack of customer service and with great ease can indirectly imply and/or call which you prefer a customer a liar.