Saturday, August 16, 2008

Everything Tallships

Weekend Festival Includes Free Ship Tours, Cannon Battles, Art Show and Films

The Eagle

Festival of Sail at a Glance

Where: The tallships are docked along the waterfront. Their approximate locations are just north of Fire Station No. 112 (Berths 87-90), at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum (Berth 84), Ports O’Call Village (Berths 77 and 78) and the S.P. Slip (Berth 73 ). Two high-profile ships, the USCG Eagle and movie star HMS Bounty are at the northern end in Berths 87-90. Food and information booths are in the adjoining parking lot. The booths continue south toward the Maritime Museum and across the street next to the municipal building at Sixth and Beacon Streets.

Parking: Available at the Boys and Girls Club at Fifth Street and Harbor Boulevard, Ports O’ Call Village and along 22nd Street. A shuttle runs from the 22nd Street lots to the festival and the Red Cars are operating from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

The Big Red Bus is shuttling visitors into downtown San Pedro.

Tallships-inspired student artwork is on display at Findings Art Center, 470 W. 6th St.

Saturday, Aug. 16

11 a.m.-7 p.m.: Festival and booths open. There is no charge to attend the festival or tour the ships.

12 noon: Parade of wooden hull boats in Main Channel

4:30 p.m.: Ships participating in cannon battles close

5 p.m.: Cannon battle sails. Tickets (if available) are $65 for adults and $40 for children. Purchase them at the “LAMI Battle Sails Will Call” booth. Download the video to experience a battle vicariously.

5-7 p.m.: Eagle closed

8 p.m.: “Master and Commander” at the Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. Sixth St. ($5)

Sunday, Aug. 17

11 a.m.-7 p.m.: Festival and booths open

12 noon: Parade of wooden hull boats in Main Channel

2 p.m.: “SpongeBob Square Pants: the Movie” at the Warner Grand ($5)

4 p.m.: “Hook” at the Warner Grand ($5)

4:30 p.m.: Ships participating in cannon battles close

5 p.m.: Cannon battle sails

The Daily Breeze has posted photos and video of Friday’s festival opening. (If the video does not load, access it from the Daily Breeze home page.)

For more information, visit the Festival of Sail website and the Port of LA tallships page.

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Nels McGook Hoopnoodle said...

We witnessed the parade from the end of the old Whalers' Wharf area of Ports O' Call.

There was a narrator there who obviously did not live close by.

When this (ignorant) fellow read from the script about the area, he called the town "San PAYDRO!!!"

Do you know how grating that is to so many of us who live in and around San PEEDRO?

It was like listening to fingernails sliding over a chalkboard.

I like volunteers. But that fellow needed to be tied up to a mast and whipped a few times.

If you are going to verbalize the name of the town, use a long "E" sound, instead of a long "A" sound.

You won't sound so ignorant about our wonderful community.

Oh, if you want to visit "San PAYDRO" it is in the country of Belize.

And if you visit there but wish to come back here and say "San PAYDRO" for our town, please stay away.