Friday, August 1, 2008

Arts News

Local newspapers published stories on two new San Pedro artworks this week.

“Urinetown” cast photo by Matthew Pierce

The Daily Breeze and Long Beach Press-Telegram reviewed “Urinetown,” a political satire at the Warner Grand Theatre by the new performance troupe The Relevant Stage. The show is “flushed with satire,” according to the article headline.

“Angels Gate exhibit greets creativity of new artists” is a look at the cultural center’s current show, featuring artists who opened studios there within the past two years.

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Wewalked Out said...

Oh my!

We attended opening night at "Urinetown" and we made it to the intermission.

We weren't the first to walk out and we were not alone in our escape from the theater, when we fled into the night.

Save your money and spend it with the Little Fish Theater Company.

They are more than worth it.