Friday, August 22, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

Not much afoot right now at the lazy end of August. The news will resume in full force next month. Here’s a preview of the coming weeks.

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M Richards said...

Nay, nay I say.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report for South Region High School was published on August 22, 2008 and is now available for review.

One surprize of many in the documents is the call for up to 36 wind turbines on the campus to generate up to 15 Mega watts of power.

You can view illustrations of the wind turbines in conceptual drawings by visiting:

Thanks Andrea, for allowing a plug for my newest blog.

Also in the document is the statements that consider that traffic at or near the proposed campus on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur will be "less than significant" and will NOT require any mitigation.

Now please go find the parts of your head that have just exploded so you can write copius sets of comments to the documents, by October 10, 2008.

Also the DEIR for more waterfront improvements is coming very shortly, including the one for the Cabrillo Marina Phase II and the Kaiser Point cruise ship terminal.