Thursday, August 29, 2013

National Trust for Historic Preservation: LA Port Plan Makes Terminal Island Preservation a Key Goal

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has issued the following press release about upcoming Terminal Island preservation efforts and its new LA field office.

The Los Angeles Port Master Plan Update, adopted by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners earlier this month, offers a path forward for the preservation and re-use of historic buildings on Terminal Island in the Port of Los Angeles. The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Los Angeles Conservancy collaborated on an advocacy campaign to preserve Terminal Island, which appeared on the National Trust’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places List in 2012.

“Terminal Island represents important chapters of Los Angeles and America’s cultural, naval and economic history,” said Brian Turner, senior field officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation. “The re-use of historic buildings at the port will help keep alive the area’s historic significance as a once-vibrant Japanese-American fishing village, a major World War I and II shipbuilding center and the birthplace of the worldwide tuna canning industry.”

The National Trust and the Los Angeles Conservancy worked to ensure that the final master plan would not pose barriers to preservation and serves as a replicable model for other industrial ports throughout the country. Preservation-focused components of the plan include the identification of Fish Harbor’s Japanese-American Commercial Village as a historic resource, the removal of road realignments originally intended to bisect historic buildings and mixed-use land use designations that provide greater flexibility in adaptively reusing historic buildings. The approved plan is the first comprehensive update of the Port’s development policies and procedures in more than three decades.

“The LA Conservancy has been advocating for the preservation of individual historic buildings at the port for years, so we’re thrilled that the updated master plan provides for the reuse of historic structures on Terminal Island,” said Linda Dishman, Los Angeles Conservancy Executive Director. “Terminal Island is unique in that it is historically important for several different reasons, all of which are of local and national significance.”

On the heels of this preservation victory, the National Trust will open a field office in Los Angeles on September 1 to further its efforts to preserve historic places in Southern California and the Southwest. In addition to the National Trust’s work at Terminal Island, the organization’s Preservation Green Lab is collaborating with the Urban Land Institute to advance the reuse of historic buildings in the City of Los Angeles that will help guide building reuse in other cities.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

First ‘Term’ Served: Congratulations to Rep. Janice Hahn

Elected two years ago this month, Rep. Janice Hahn has now served the equivalent to a first term in Congress. She was sworn in to represent the former 36th Congressional District on July 19, 2011 after winning a special election. She was subsequently elected to a full term representing the 44th Congressional District in November.

“For Rep. Janice Hahn, dad’s legacy is a selling point,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

San Pedro News Washington Edition invites readers to sign this congratulations card by writing your name and a message in the comments section below.

Monday, January 14, 2013

In the Inauguration Zone

Needless to say, Washington is abuzz over the Inauguration. The evidence is all around, from the fences and risers under construction to Friday’s opening of the official Inaugural store. Your San Pedro News DC editor submitted a field report of the store opening to Curbed DC. “Ghosts Of Inaugurations Past Come Out For Grand Opening Of the Official Inauguration Store” has all the vivid details.

If you’re feeling the urge to shop, start here, then use promo code “2013” to save 15%. (Fine print: $10 minimum purchase. This code was released last Friday, Jan 11. We don’t know if it’s still valid.)

Washingtonians flock to political events the way Angelenos flip for movie premiers.
Harbor Area residents coming to DC for the Inauguration are invited to contact us at SanPedroNews[at]aol[dot]com and we’ll do our best to answer your questions about the city, restaurants, sightseeing, etc.

House Speaker John Boehner with Hahn
Back in the district, Rep. Janice Hahn is holding a Community Swearing-in this Thursday in Carson. It takes place at 3 pm on Jan. 17 in the main hall of the Carson Community Center, 801 E Carson St. For information, contact (310) 831-1799 or

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Have a ‘Super’ New Year

Wishing our readers a Happy New Year. Let’s make it super, shall we?

Exhibit A: View a fun video of Superman over the Pacific.

Exhibit B:

Greetings from SuperObama, striking a presidential pose at the DC train station.