Saturday, September 13, 2008

San Pedro Marks 9/11

A handwritten sign on the Port Gelato storefront urges public appreciation of first responders.

A downtown business owner organized a Patriot Day tribute to local police officers and firefighters in remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Rebecca Trani of Port Gelato Creamery put together care packages with coupons for free ice cream at Port Gelato, coffee at Mishi’s Strudel and a meal at Big Nick’s Pizza.

Trani delivered the care packages to 12 Harbor Area police and fire stations to express appreciation to the first responders.

“My son is a soldier in Iraq. He has to know I’m safe and he feels better knowing I’m in good hands with our local police and firefighters,” said Trani.

The owners of Mishi’s wrote a tribute statement, displayed on the counter.

“Through their selfless acts of caring, nurturing the suffering and compassionate, tireless dedication, our servicemen teach us the true meaning of ‘civilization;’ that we are only a ‘civilization’ if we, in turn, care for and nurture each other!” the Mishi’s statement read.

Other San Pedro business owners, their employees and customers wrote messages of gratitude to the public safety officers.

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