Saturday, September 6, 2008

Porky’s Barbecue Coming to Downtown S.P.

Pretty soon, San Pedrans will be saying, “Let’s go to Porky’s” and they won’t be referring to a chubby friend’s house.

Porky’s BBQ is opening on Sixth Street in the old Downtown Subs ’N’ More location.

The family-owned Inglewood restaurant and catering company has been wowing customers and food critics with its slow-cooked Kansas City-style barbecue.

The outside and inside of Porky’s in Inglewood, near the Great Western Forum

Porky’s soon-to-be San Pedro restaurant, site of the former Downtown Subs ’N’ More

Pork, beef, chicken and ribs are hickory smoked over low temperature for up to 16 hours. Sides and sauces are made from scratch. Portions are so generous that only the heartiest appetites can finish a meal.

Porky’s expects to open in the second half of September at 362 W. Sixth St., phone (310) 521-9999.

A smaller Porky’s, primarily take-out, opened in Long Beach this spring.

A positive Daily Breeze review is posted on Porky’s website.

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