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Meet the Central Candidates

Here is autobiographical information about the candidates, reprinted verbatim from their own candidate statements or campaign flyers.

In ballot order:

Sylvan Arguello
Statement not available

Rosa Elvira Quintero
I am self-motivated person. I have a positive outlook on life. I was elected as the community representative for Cabrillo Elementary School in San Pedro. I am currently employee by Los Angeles Unified School District as manager assistant in the cafeteria in San Pedro.

I live in the lovely community of San Pedro since 1995. My desire is to help improve the city and to increase San Pedro citizens participation to join in our efforts to enhance San Pedro.

Because I love San Pedro; I will devote my time, knowledge and experience to enhance the livelihood of our community for our children, friends, visitors, and our neighborhoods to make San Pedro a better place to live!

Source: official candidate statement

Max W. Pierce
I became interested in the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council after talking to a member of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council and getting elected to the Knoll Hill steering committee.

I have only lived in San Pedro for two years but have been aware of San Pedro activities all of my life.

I bring to the Board 33 years experience in Architecture 20 of those as a licensed Architect working in Public Works for the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering.

During those 20 years I’ve worked mostly on Public Works Projects involving Wastewater Treatment Plants including Terminal Island.

I am very interested in maintaining the character of Downtown San Pedro.

Source: official candidate statement

Phillip Trigas
Architect / Planner
Phillip Trigas is an Architect, Father and Homeowner living in the downtown district. He is running for the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council as the culmination of his wide-ranging commitmentto the CSPNC and its various committees. Phillip has “walked the walk” with his ongoing activism and involvement:

Harbor Area Representative, Congress of Neighborhoods Planning Committee
Steering committee member for the Knoll Hill Park planning process
Co-Chair Communications and Outreach Committee
Planning and Land Use Committee member

As a Board member, Phillip will advocate:

Consensus building to work together for common goals
An “Open Door Policy” for community input
Greater Stake Holder involvement
Support to grow our downtown Arts, Culture, and Entertainment District

Source: official candidate statement

Joey T. Pedroza
Statement not available

Pedro Araujo Reyes
Statement not available

Frank B. Anderson
My name is Frank B. Anderson. I am a life time resident of San Pedro, and a retired teacher. Currently, I am involved with several community groups. I am the president of the Leland Park Advisory Board and a member of the Peck Park Advisory Board. I am also the treasurer and acting secretary of a nonprofit group, the San Pedro Youth Sports Association, that raises money to subsidize sport registration fees, buy equipment and uniforms, and make physical improvements in local park facilities. Further, I am a fifteen year member of the San Pedro and PeninsulaHomeowners Coalition, a group that actively promotes local homeowner rights, and I have served as its secretary for the past ten years.

I desire to serve on the…..

Source: official candidate statement (truncated by election administrator to meet 125-word limit)

Linda L. Alexander

I am a business owner and have lived and worked in San Pedro for many years. I experience what our stakeholders experience, 24/7. My concerns are for the quality of life in all areas of San Pedro but most particularly, our Historic Downtown. There is much to be done, such as cleaning streets, and improving the appearance of storefronts, which will benefit our entire community.

I regularly attend and participate in the Central Neighborhood Council board and committee meetings. I am a member of the finance committee dedicated to transparent and fair oversight of the council budget. My many years of experience, in a variety of San Pedro organizations, allow me to contribute knowledge and stability to the board.

Source: official candidate statement

R. Price-Guinn
Our community sits on an unarticulated tragedy that will prevent us from ever becoming all that we might be. The problem is that of rampant and open “drug abuse” by our children, their parents, and et al. A closer look at the secondary effects of this scourge and a study of precisely just how it effects us all is called for in the most immediate future.

Sincerely, R. Price-Guinn

Source: official candidate statement

Vernon C. I. Connoly
Statement not available

Margie Maxwell
Statement not available

Renee Sanchez Durbin
Statement not available

Wenceslao Murillo
Statement not available

Arthur A. Almeida
I am a San Pedran by birth, born in 1928, in a house built by my father in 1921 on Black Hill. I am a retired stevedore after working on Los Angeles and Long Beach docks including during my early years as a newsboy. I have been involved in many community issues for the past 55 years.

I have been and am very interested in all San Pedro projects, including serving for 12 years on the original Beacon Street Development Advisory Committee. I have long been associated with the San Pedro Bay Historical Society as a charter member, president, and on the Board. I possess extensive knowledge of local history … where it has been and our hopes for its future. San Pedro’s evolution has been phenomenal.

Source: official candidate statement

Aphram Khalbourji
I have been with the Neighborhood Council since pre certification (February 12, 2002), and have served on the steering committee and assisted in the formulation of the By-laws.

At the first election I was honored to be elected to the Treasurer’s Office, working hard to provide the NC with proper accounting and accurate financial information. The most important duty the Treasurer should have is integrity and the safe guarding of assets. As a neighborhood council, it is our job to find the right people for the right positions, in order to provide our community with the best possible service that volunteers can give.

I would like to remain active in my neighborhood, as I learn more about it and become well trained in the stakeholders’ needs. We are getting all the experience we need, learning to grow and reach out, managing our talents, skills and expertise, all in the spirit of grassroots democracy. We need your trust and support to continue the path towards a better San Pedro, full of action, entertainment, more jobs, cleaner streets, healthier environment, safer neighborhood, and a deeper sense of belonging.

I have lived in San Pedro since November 2, 1983. I was 20 years old, single, student, and broke. Today, I am happily married with two handsome boys, live on 19th Street and Alma, and operate an accounting and tax practice on Meyler & 11th Street. I can surely say that I am not broke, but I am still searching for the American Dream.

I just would like to see San Pedro become the jewel of South Bay, Greater Los Angeles, and the World. Even though it is a treasure in itself, sometime I think that it remains empty. It is our constant duty and responsibility to make sure the treasure chest is always full of JEWELS!!!

Source: campaign flyer

Raymond Lee Parker
Raymond Lee Parker is a highly respected Jazz Musician & Recording artist who believes that the Central San Pedro arts district is on the verge of great success. He wants make certain that all races, ethnicities, social and economic classes work together to grow and prosper while maintaining an atmosphere where art and culture can flourish. Raymond is a disabled American Vet and feels that the council should have a voice representing this constituency. His wife, Bonnie, is the daughter of the late Flora Baker, and Raymond is committed to continuing the family legacy of honoring San Pedro’s rich historical culture.

Source: campaign flyer

Heidi Bartlett
Statement not available

Write-in candidates published in the official voter bulletin: (as of August 15, 2008):

Ray Buffer
I believe in the potential for San Pedro to grow and the need to embrace change. Not all change is good, and I believe it is the important role of the Council to determine and weigh the benefits and the costs of change. I run a Performing Arts Company that originated in Downtown San Pedro. I believe this historic area is on the verge of great growth and opportunity and I want to be a voice that represents the downtown interests. I bring with me the unique experience of running a non-profit, and years of working as a union actor, a union stage manager, and union singer. The arts can change attitudes, educate, and stimulate commerce making San Pedro a true destination.

Source: official candidate statement

Jason Herring
Statement not available

L. Tollstrup
Statement not available

Additional presumed write-in candidates:

Joe Gatlin
President, Central Neighborhood Council

Mayra Perez
Vice President, CNC

Pamela Foster
Secretary, CNC

Jim Cordero
Vice Principal, Mary Star Elementary

James Brown
Owner, San Pedro Brewing Co.
Homeowner, Centre Street Lofts

Source: campaign flyer

Meet the Slate Monday
These slate candidates will meet voters at the San Pedro Brewing Company on Monday night, Election Eve. They will talk about the election and campaign for votes during halftime of the 7 p.m. football game.

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