Friday, December 5, 2008

School Board to Vote Tuesday on Angels Gate Campus

The L.A. school board is set to vote Tuesday on the environmental impact report for Angels Gate High School. If approved, the vote would pave the way to open construction bids for the 810-student school.

Harbor Area school board member Richard Vladovic favors a magnet school for specialized studies at San Pedro High School.

Through lawn signs, email blasts and letter-writing campaigns, the community group N.O.I.S.E. has visibly and vocally expressed its opposition to the school.

Group members are planning to attend the downtown L.A. school board meeting to testify against the school, as they did at Thursday’s LAUSD committee meeting where the proposal was approved.

See “Panel OKs vote on SP school” for a preview of the debate likely to unfold at the Tuesday meeting, taking place on Dec. 9 at 1 p.m. at district headquarters, 333 S. Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles.

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Anonymous said...

Vote "No" on Prop. B -- The Solar Energy Fraud

Jack Humphreville of the DWP citizen watchdog committee wrote the ballot argument opposing Prop. B listed below.

VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION B because there is a more efficient and honest way to get our City producing more solar power.

This multi-billion dollar plan was placed on the ballot at the last minute as the result of an old fashioned City Hall backroom deal.
It is just another one of these tricky measures that says it’s about solar energy and workforce development, but is really about benefiting a select group of Downtown insiders.

In a blistering editorial, The Los Angeles Times wrote, “This rush to the ballot has the scent of swindle about it." Especially since a ballot measure is not needed.

The Council voted unanimously to place this measure on the ballot without knowing the impact on Ratepayers or the cost of this massive project and the related infrastructure improvements needed to handle solar power. As it is, our rates were just hiked 24%.

There is a better way.

The Council's own analyst explained that it would be simpler for the LADWP to design a solar plan with the public’s involvement and then have the City Council vote on it. It’s really that easy.

Union members, environmentalists, solar equipment manufacturers, LADWP Ratepayers, and citizens are disgusted with secret rip-off deals that favor special interests, in this case the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

* IBEW is one of the Mayor’s largest campaign contributors.
* IBEW will be handed the entire “contract.”
* The IBEW monopoly will cost Ratepayers hundreds of millions extra.
* Other trade unions can do the work as well if not better and more efficiently.
* The Mayor and IBEW have already started the LA Infrastructure Academy to teach LAUSD students green jobs. Adults need jobs too.

This deal stinks. Demand honesty and transparency.