Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ponte Vista Meetings: 1 Down, 1 Delayed

Sending a strong message to policymakers, opponents of Ponte Vista dominated Tuesday’s Harbor Area Planning Commission meeting on the controversial housing development.

Approximately 75 people supporting the R Neighborhoods Are 1 campaign attended the meeting, many wearing red shirts to illustrate their desire to stop the proposal for 1,950 Western Avenue homes at the former Navy housing site.

Project proponents did not turn out their supporters for the meeting.

The Ponte Vista developer distributed a message over the weekend stating Bisno Development officials would not be attending and asking supporters not to attend.

The same message announced that Bisno was requesting that the City Planning Commission hearing be postponed.

The hearing was set for Dec. 11 and is now tentatively rescheduled for Feb. 12, according to the Daily Breeze story, “L.A. delays Ponte Vista hearing.”

Only one of five harbor area commissioners attended Tuesday’s meeting, which was held to take public comment but no official action on the development plan.

Two of the other commissioners recused themselves over conflicts of interest, one commissioner recently resigned and one was out of town.

Commission president Michael Ponce listened to comments from more than 20 project opponents.

The proponents’ lone voice was Bisno attorney Allan Abshez, who did not make a presentation in favor of the project but said he was available to answer questions.

Councilwoman Janice Hahn urged the developer to consult with the planning department for input on Plan B.

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Anonymous said...

Appeals Information

Appeal Filed Date: 11/13/2008

Case Number: VTT-63399

Address: 26900 S. Western Ave

Primary Zone: OS-1XL, R1-1XL

Planning Area: Wilmington – Harbor City

Certified Neighborhood Council: Northwest Neighborhood Council

Area Planning Commission: Harbor

Project Description: 2300 Condominium Units with 10,000 SF of Commercial Retail

Required Action: 1A-Appeal

Appellant: Robert Bisno