Friday, November 7, 2008

Speaking Up: the Election

San Pedro Voters React to the Election

“I hope the economy gets better and the new president brings back jobs to the U.S. I’ve been laid off five times in eight years.”

— Andrew (no last name given), San Pedro resident and nursing student, at the Vons at 13th and Gaffey Streets

“I think Obama deserves every opportunity to take a run at a very desperate economic situation. He has all the qualities one needs for the task at hand. He presented himself beautifully and deserves a chance.”

Laura Barbato, owner of Laura Denise Salon in downtown San Pedro

“My job motivated me to vote. Business is down and the terrible economic situation is affecting me personally. I hope the new president will bring us out of this deficit and this war.”

— Miles Foxworthy, 21, a first-time voter and tattoo artist at Ship Shape Tattoo in downtown San Pedro

“In every election since I came of voting age, they always say it’s the most important election of our lifetime. This was really an historic moment. I’m a registered Republican but I felt really excited and inspired. I’m looking forward to the future. It was time for change.”

— Tom Meneshian, owner of The Copper Room restaurant and lounge in San Pedro. Meneshian partnered with Democratic activists to host an election night party and plans to invite the community to an inauguration party in January.

“I think the new president is brilliant and will do an excellent job. I hope he will give amnesty to illegal immigrants but make them pay a fine for coming in illegally. Every American should have health insurance. I hope he can do something about it.”

— Ronald Tracey, pastry chef, at Sacred Grounds Coffee House in downtown San Pedro

“We’re looking forward to positive change. Things had been getting worse for the past eight years. I hope people can get health insurance, mortgage help and work permits for seasonal immigrant workers who are helping the American economy.”

— Alma Vargas, owner of now closed soccer store on North Gaffey Street, at Dolci Mango frozen yogurt on Western Avenue.

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