Friday, November 14, 2008

Ponte Vista Hearing Cancelled

The L.A. City Planning Department on Friday canceled a meeting next week centered around the contentious Ponte Vista housing proposal.

The Harbor Area Planning Commission was scheduled to meet Tuesday to review and comment on the development plan.

Dozens of supporters and opponents were gearing up to testify before the commission.

The planning department canceled the Harbor Area meeting because a key document was not finalized and there were “issues” with some commissioners, according to a department official.

The commission is composed of five appointed members. Its next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 2, but the agenda will not be announced until three days beforehand. If the meeting is held, it is likely to focus on the Ponte Vista issue.

The planning department was expected to release its analysis of the project Friday, including the number of homes it deems suitable on the property. The study is not finished, leading in part to the cancellation of Tuesday’s meeting.

The City Planning Commission will vote on Ponte Vista at its Dec. 11 meeting at 8:30 a.m. at downtown L.A. city hall.

Look for a Daily Breeze story on Saturday. (The story was not posted to the web at presstime).

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