Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Twist in Angel’s Gate HS Story: Gaffey Street Pool may be Part of Deal

The Los Angeles Unified School District has shifted gears and no longer seeks to build a separate high school at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, according to a report by education activist Diana Chapman.

The campus will be an expansion of San Pedro High School’s marine magnet program and will be constructed for 810 students, down from the initial proposal of a 1,200-seat school.

The school district has also raised the prospect of partnering with the City of L.A. to re-open Gaffey Street Pool, Chapman reports.

The 1940s-era pool, located at Ft. MacArthur, was closed and drained approximately 15 years ago.

See Chapman’s blog for the complete report.

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M Richards said...

It's a trick and a desperate attempt by LAUSD to find supporters for its ill-planned campus that may not be needed in the first place.

Dr. Richard Vladovic, the Board of Education member for this area stated that a new campus at Angel's Gate should be a "San Pedro School for San Pedro kids."

As a Magnet, any new campus built would have to welcome students from outside San Pedro.

Rod Hamilton of the Facilities Division of LAUSD claimed for some time that a "1,205-seat high school would be built on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur."

By the time all is said and done, even the "810-seat" campus may swell to 1,200 seats.

It looks like Neighborhoods Organized and Involved to Support Education has bitten into LAUSD and they are seeking aide to ward off an organization that has used the truth as it's measure to be extremely critical of any new campus being built at Angel's Gate.

As long as there is a redeveloped Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center, there MUST NOT be any campus built directly next to it, or even as close as a new 810-seat high school would be.

LAUSD 'cried' that if all the land at its Angel's Gate site were not utilized, then a Charter School would be able to come in and take land for another new campus.

I guess this is just another one of the many untruths LAUSD continues to squeel.

Even with fewer students, Alma will never become a four-lane road.

Now LAUSD is wishing even more buses travel from who knows where and into the Palisades neighborhood that will already see buses carrying 160 fifth graders come through twice a week and 120 fifth graders also come through twice a week.

A Magnet High School attracts more drivers from more distant residences to attend it.

And all of this 8/10 of a mile further south on a peninsula, from the existing San Pedro High School.

Really LAUSD, we are not that stupid.