Saturday, June 7, 2008

Downtown Buzz

Crimes on First Thursday? More than a dozen artists delivered a protest message on First Thursday, expressing their opinions about a proposed tax (assessment) by running yellow crime-scene tape across their walls. The assessment is part of the proposed downtown business improvement district initiative, which is being put to a vote among business and property owners. The artists say it would be a crime for landlords to pass the costs down to tenants, such as studios and galleries.

Open: Models are now open in the Bank Lofts development, which spans Mesa Street between Seventh and Eighth Streets.

Closed: Cutting-edge Catwalk Shoes has closed in the 300 block of Sixth Street.

Coming soon: Port Gelato lives again. The ice cream shop struggled for more than two years through the permitting process then the death of owner Jan Cooper. It is expected to open this month under a newfound manager who plans to serve breakfast items and other selections in addition to gelato.

Party time: Red-hot Crimsin bar and lounge continues to set the tone for classy nightlife in downtown San Pedro. Tonight it hosts a Tommy Bahama party. Whether it’s a tropical islands theme or any other night at Crimsin, the strict dress code and highly-trained doormen all but ensure an upscale experience. (Crimsin is located at 345 W. Sixth St., 310-833-8818).

San Pedro News will report further on these developments in upcoming issues.

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Anonymous said...

"Closed: Cutting-edge Catwalk Shoes has closed in the 300 block of Sixth Street"......

I guess discontinueing the sales of stripper shoes wasn't that great of an idea afterall..... It was nice to have a local store to by my girl some shoes.. sorry to see ya go..