Saturday, June 28, 2008

‘Habitat’ Homeowners Hold Block Party

Families and friends gathered to celebrate the completion of 16 Habitat for Humanity homes built last year in partnership with former President Jimmy Carter.

The June 21 block party was held at the new Harborside Terrace community in eastern San Pedro.

During the Jimmy Carter Work Project last fall, volunteers began to transform the blighted vacant lot at Third and O’Farrell Streets into a residential neighborhood.

The crime and trash is now gone, replaced by two-story townhomes with picturesque views of the harbor and Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Building her home alongside hundreds of volunteers, homeowner Mar’Lyn Bland said the experience “let me see people at their best.

“People worked on my house and didn’t ask for anything in return. Throughout the experience, I learned how beautiful it is to help others,” said Bland.

Mar'Lyn Bland (right), Aaron Atlas and their children are Harborside Terrace homeowners.

The homes are the first ones built through the Carter project to be “green” certified, earning the LEED seal of approval for their use of solar panels, low-flush toilets, native plants, recycled carpet and several other environmentally sustainable features.

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