Saturday, October 15, 2011

Images of ‘Occupy DC’

Two cooperating groups are occupying DC as part of the national protest running from Wall Street to San Pedro.

Under the rallying cry of “Stop the Machine! Create a New World,” a grassroots group called is occupying Freedom Plaza along Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from the White House. Occupy DC is camping in a park on K Street, a downtown thoroughfare synonymous with lobbyist power.

On Oct. 7, protesters staged a march to the White House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, weaving past monuments and along busy K Street.

Marching towards the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with the White House and Washington Monument in the background.

In the course of the following week, they’d intersect with the adjoining Taste of DC food festival, for which they posted a sign reading “Join Us – Democracy Tastes Good.” They’d protest at museums, a Senate office building, the main train station and other high-profile locations around DC, resulting in a pepper-spray incident and arrests at several sites.

In response to questions about the movement’s agenda, DC organizer Kevin Zeese said protesters’ goal is to “end corporate rule.”

Our new Facebook page features a photo gallery of the Oct. 7 march through downtown DC.

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