Saturday, October 29, 2011

District Business

In speeches to area Chambers of Commerce, Hahn updated local business leaders on her efforts to harness federal resources for the district.

Hahn singled out infrastructure, education and business reforms as the three catalysts to a stronger economy.

“I’m particularly eager to give small businesses the tools they need to succeed,” said Hahn, who serves on the House Small Business Committee.

“I want to keep in place tax credits that make it easier for small businesses to hire new employees, especially veterans. I want to cut the red tape small businesses must contend with and am working to create person-to-person contacts within the government to help you.

“I’ve been meeting with the Small Business Administration to free up capital for the small businesses in our region,” Hahn said at a San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Oct. 28.

Hahn addressed similar issues in her State of the Region speech to the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 19.

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