Friday, January 29, 2010

So Says the Chief

Police Chief Charlie Beck, center, is surrounded by community groups supporting the Harbor Division station.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck outlined his priorities before an audience of civic leaders at a San Pedro luncheon Thursday.

Beck identified Constitutional policing – that is, following the law to enforce the law – plus crime reduction and terrorism prevention as some of his goals for the department. He also expressed deep concern for the wellbeing of officers, a number of whom are facing a “perfect storm” of reduced overtime pay and difficulties paying their mortgages and keeping their homes.

Beck said he comes to San Pedro at least once a week to visit his parents, George and Elma, longtime San Pedro residents.

Sponsored by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, the luncheon recognized nine volunteer organizations supporting the LAPD Harbor Division. The Harbor Area Boosters Assn., Harbor Area Cadets, Harbor LITES, the Harbor Area Community Police Advisory Board, the Teen Community Police Advisory Board, the Harbor Area Volunteer Corps, the Harbor Area Reserve Corps, the Weed and Seed Project, and the Harbor Area Crisis Response Team received certificates of appreciation for their service.

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