Friday, January 16, 2009

Presidential in Pedro

This handwritten lawnsign was displayed in the 2100 block of Paseo del Mar last November.

Inauguration Party

Harbor Area politicos will celebrate the presidential inauguration Tuesday at Ports O’ Call restaurant.

The Jan. 20 party is scheduled for 5-9 p.m. and will include a replay of President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration, a no-host bar, appetizers and music.

The free event is sponsored by Random Lengths News, with, the San Pedro Democratic Club and the Progressive Democratic Club. Ek & Ek Public Advocacy and Spirit Cruises are hosting the party.

Ports O’ Call is located at Berth 76 in Ports Call O’ Village. Call (310) 833-3553 for more information.

Here are a few of the other inauguration events happening throughout Los Angeles.

Play by Play

Two Harbor Area residents have gone East for the inauguration and are blogging about their experiences for Random Lengths News. Visit the RLN Inauguration Notebook for their field reports.

Election Analysis

Following is an excerpt of Random Lengths’ analysis of the Harbor Area vote. It assessed the vote by neighborhood council district, finding that 74.1 percent of Central San Pedro voters, 64.7 percent of Coastal San Pedro voters and 65.2 percent of Northwest San Pedro voters cast ballots for Obama.

How the Harbor Area Voted
In the Harbor Area, Barack Obama won a majority in every city or district except for the Republican strongholds on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, ranging from a high of over 80 percent in two districts, 86.0 percent in Harbor Gateway North and 81.3 percent in Long Beach Council District 1 to a low of 33.6 percent in small enclave of Rolling Hills. Obama’s share in San Pedro ranged from 64.7 in the Coastal Neighborhood Council District to 74.1 percent in Central San Pedro. His margin in Wilmington was 76.9 percent. The overall totals for the area covered were 146,240 votes for Obama (68.6 percent) compared to 62,877 votes for McCain (29.5 percent). This compares to a statewide margin of 8,063,473 votes for Obama (61.1 percent) compared to 4,902,278 votes for McCain (37.1 percent). Local results are final. Statewide results will not be final until Dec. 13. The Harbor Area was 7.5 percent more supportive of Barack Obama than the state as a whole.

Source: Random Lengths News, Dec. 12, 2008. A table of data accompanied the story and can be viewed on page 5 of the back issue.

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