Friday, January 23, 2009

Governing, Local Edition

Coastal Council Meets Monday with New Boardmembers in Office, 1 Vacancy to Fill

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council meets Monday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cabrillo Marina Community Building.

View the agenda or call (310) 290-0049 for more information.

Two new governing board members were appointed to vacant seats in November. One more vacancy remains to be filled on Monday or thereafter. (Visit the website or call the council for more information about serving on the board.)

Here are profiles of the recently appointed board members.

Jennifer Marquez is a Pt. Fermin mother of two and magazine columnist with 15 years of experience at non-profit organizations. She wrote about issues concerning children for the former San Pedro Magazine and will continue in the forthcoming San Pedro Today.

“I ran for the board because I want to have more representation for families with children,” said Marquez. “This is a great community and I enjoy living here, however, it could be more family friendly.

“I am concerned that with all the new housing, the impact on the local schools is not being addressed. I hope to achieve a safer, healthier community that is committed to the future generations of San Pedro.”

Dawn Turner is a mother of three who works in the medical industry. Through her children’s sports teams and recreational activities, Turner is actively involved in many youth and community organizations.

“It is very important for me to be involved in the community in which I live,” said Turner. “As a private citizen, I have tried to affect things that will help my local community, but found it fraught with challenges and many times with minimal results.

“As I live in and engage the community, I’ve had many conversations with many people with very good ideas, comments, suggestions and complaints. I felt that I needed to act on my strong sense of civic responsibility, not only my behalf, but [for] all of those [people] that … feel like they don’t have a voice or don’t know how to have their voice heard.

“The board should be representative of the diversity of San Pedro. I think I can contribute to that tenet.”

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