Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sewer to Meet Sea Somewhere at Shore

Palisades Residents Association president Terry Miller opened Tuesday’s annual meeting with a presentation about the proposed “clearwater” project.

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County are preparing to construct a pipe to carry treated wastewater from the agency’s plant in Carson.

Two large-diameter outfall pipes (one built in the 1930s, the other in the 1950s) serve most of Los Angeles County, but not the city of L.A.

Both of these pipes run from the plant on Figueroa Street next to the 405 Freeway south through San Pedro to White Point, where they extend out into the ocean.

The Sanitation Districts need another to keep up with the growth in population over the last five decades.

Sanitation officials gave a presentation about the new Harbor Area sewer.

Possible locations for the new pipe include Western Avenue, Gaffey Street, Pacific Avenue and several other sites.

To construct the underground tunnel, an access shaft and as many as eight acres will be needed for above-ground construction equipment.

Among the areas being considered for the shaft and equipment staging are Point Fermin Park, White Point Nature Preserve, Royal Palms Park, Angels Gate Park, Friendship Park, Averill Park, Peck Park, Cabrillo Beach and the LAXT site on Terminal Island.

The project is expected to take six to eight years to complete. It is estimated that 50-100 trucks a day will be hauling materials and dirt to and from the access shaft site.

Though the formal environmental-study process will get underway later this year, clearwater program representatives are encouraging the public to comment now on the proposal.

For more information, view the clearwater program section of the agency’s


You Knowho said...

Every single residents' organizations need to get together and welcome the shaft and "up to eight acre site" on Terminal Island.

Our neighborhoods do not need to be shafted by the presence of a shaft, large work area, and the thousands and thousands of dirt-hauler trips spaning so many years.

Anonymous said...

I'll say! Absurd to mention residential areas as potential cites when Terminal Island is so well equipped to handle truck traffic.

San Pedro Rogue said...

The residents of Pt Fermin, Palisades, and South Shore need to organize against "clearwater" project proposals to locate staging and shaft access anywhere near our homes and parks. They absolutely must be crazy if they think we will tolerate 50-100 truck trips a day through residential streets as well as losing valuable community assets like our parks and open spaces.

Why isn't the community up in arms about "clearwater" as they are about the high school? Where are the red thumbs down signs for this issue?

We should be fighting our neighborhoods being overrun by industrial truck traffic and not fighting education.