Saturday, May 17, 2008

Influence the Future of Knoll Hill

The Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council is accepting applications to serve on a new committee to study future uses of Knoll Hill.

The committee, sponsored by the Port of LA, will consider what should happen on the scenic land after Eastview Little League’s three-year lease expires in 2010.

The property is located within the Central council, which will have six representatives on the committee. San Pedro’s other two neighborhood councils, Coastal and Northwest, will have two representatives each.

To represent the Central council, applicants must be constituents or “stakeholders” of the council.

A stakeholder is defined as a person who lives, works, owns property or is otherwise active in the council’s area.

The council’s boundaries run from the Vincent Thomas Bridge south to 18th Street, including the areas east of Leland Street.

Applications are due on May 28, when the council’s planning committee will meet to review the candidates.

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