Friday, April 11, 2008

None Voted Out, 1 Voted In at Central Council

Controversial motions to remove sitting board members were pulled from the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council agenda, on advice of the LA city attorney.

As a result, the council did not vote Tuesday on whether to retain or unseat president Joe Gatlin and five other board members.

However, following unorthodox maneuvers, Joe Donato was elected to the vacant position of communications officer.

Donato and Phil Trigas were competing for the office. When voting opened, board members opted for Trigas, 7-6.

Having not voted in the first round, Gatlin then threw his support behind Donato, creating a 7-7 tie. Then Gatlin kept the voting rolls open until an absent board member returned to his seat and sided with Donato, whom Gatlin declared the winner.

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