Friday, September 30, 2011

Hahn Happenings

Rep. Janice Hahn was named to the Small Business Committee on Sept. 22. The committee oversees the Small Business Administration and its programs in addition to matters related to small business financial aid and assistance, regulatory flexibility, and paperwork reduction. This is Hahn’s second committee assignment, following her appointment to the Homeland Security Committee.

Hahn testified on the House floor about the long-term infrastructure bill.

“In my home city of Los Angeles, we’re already pursuing innovative measures like the 30/10, America Fast Forward initiative to get the infrastructure we need to stay competitive tomorrow built today,” Hahn said. “That initiative promises to create 160,000 jobs in my area alone. Just think of what that good program could do for our country as a whole.”

“Keeping our nation competitive in the future requires vision and boldness in the present, and I urge my colleagues to pass a long-term surface transportation bill equal to the opportunity before us.”

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