Friday, March 19, 2010

Politics News

Who’s running for the Harbor Area LA City Council seat? – San Pedro columnist Diana Chapman has posted a story on definite and probable candidates for the 15th district council seat. Doug Epperhart, David Greene and Rudy Svorinich, Jr. tell Chapman they are in for sure. The maybe list includes John Delgado, John Mavar, Anthony Pirozzi, Anthony Santich and James Weston. Read all about it at

Youthful public service – Students and civic-minded folk will be cleaning and painting at San Pedro High School this morning (March 20) as part of the Day of Service, a joint project of the LA mayor’s office and the LA school district. Kite flying is also on the agenda. It all begins at 8 a.m. at the school, 1001 W. 15th St.


Anonymous said...

It’s too early to predict the election results for next Lt. Gov., but my prediction is that Janice Hahn will finish her third and final term on the council.

Mayor Villaraigosa’s endorsement will help Janice Hahn in being DEFEATED on election night.

The potential CD 15 candidates will have to wait until 2013.

Anonymous said...

Blundering Mayor's Bankruptcy Blackmail Bombshell Blows Up

Antonio Villaraigosa committed one of the worst political blunders imaginable on Tuesday, costing himself, his mythical green energy plan and the Department of Water and Power what little credibility they had.

It gives credence to gadfly John Walsh's ravings that the mayor is sick or drugged. Maybe he's just out of touch and surrounded by mediocrities above him pulling his strings and below him doing his bidding.

It's Measure B all over again, except this time the magnitude of the boondoggle and blundering deserves BBB, like the city's bond rating that has fallen under his ineffective leadership as fast as the budget deficit has grown.

Now, in an amazing miscalculation to drive desperately needed cash into the general fund, he tried to bill a $684 million electricity rate hike that would raise bills 20to 30 percent as a $2.50 surcharge to replace billions of dollars in dirty coal-burning plants with wind and solar power.

He coerced the DWP Commission to unanimously back his plan no questions asked even in the face of the certainty power bills would double and triple in the years ahead.

Even more incredibly, on Tuesday, he resorted to trying to blackmail the City Council into going along by warning the city faced bankruptcy if it doesn't get the DWP's full $220 million transfer of "surplus" electricity revenue on top of its 10 percent utility tax.

It backfired into one of the greatest political blunders LA has seen in ages.

In a City Hall that is bankrupt of leadership, the mere mention of the possibility that LA could have to file for bankruptcy is the ultimate taboo.


Anonymous said...

I think Newsom's celebrity will probably trump Hahn's chance at the Lt. Gov. bid.

That's OK. The crop of potential CD 15 contenders mentioned is weak, but for a couple upstanding and universally respected members of the community.

The others, please. A bunch of self-promoters and negative loudmouths. 2013 should give voters plenty of time to let the cream rise to the top.