Friday, February 5, 2010

Week in Review

Portside, there’s talk of replacing the Gerald Desmond Bridge and a twist in the proposal to build a new shipyard on Terminal Island.

And more maneuvering in the quest to bring the USS Iowa to San Pedro.

This news is – bad pun alert – rooted in controversy: “Six downtown San Pedro trees must be removed to keep funding.”

Peruse a range of community, business and arts news in the latest San Pedro Business Journal.

In school news, “[s]ome sixth-graders would stay at elementary schools under LAUSD plan.”

From last Sunday, a recap of residents’ struggles to recover from the rain damage. (Over in the opinion section, Councilwoman Janice Hahn’s office took exception to the story.) Now that it’s raining again, sandbags, anyone?

On a decidedly lighter note, the San Pedro Target will soon carry more grocery foods.

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Anonymous said...

Janice Hahn for Lt. Gov. -- At City Taxpayer Expense

If you want to know all about Janice Hahn's candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of California, there's an easy way to find out where she stands on the issues, volunteer to help and even donate money -- just go to her official LA City Council website.

If that's not an illegal use of city money and facilities, I don't know what is.