Friday, October 2, 2009

Waterfront Reborn: They Did It

We bring you only one news story this week, but it’s important enough to fill this week’s virtual “paper.”

Photo by John Stinson.

At the end of their seven-hour meeting Tuesday, the Board of Harbor Commissioners voted to approve a sweeping plan to redevelop the San Pedro waterfront.

Commissioners made two amendments to the then working, now final, plan. On the controversial issue of new cruise ship terminal construction, they voted to build the first berth of the outer harbor cruise terminal on east side (away from Cabrillo Beach.)

Secondly, they instructed staff to write an implementation (read: funding) plan in 30 days.

As pictured above, hundreds of community members attended the late-night meeting. A handful of voices are quoted in the Daily Breeze stories “$1.2 billion waterfront redevelopment OK’d”
and “Restaurateur savors waterfront victory.”

It took a decade to approve a plan and will take another decade to build it. But, as the Daily Breeze editorialized, “If their predicted schedule is accurate, we’re more than halfway there.”

If you’re so inclined, you can view the entire meeting on the port’s video page. Lastly, here is the port’s press release on the subject.

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