Friday, July 10, 2009

Pop Goes the News

There was a little ceremony for a really famous singer this week and nary another word of news. By week’s end, the politicos were squabbling over the costs and benefits of l’affaire MJ.

Meanwhile, here are some bits of local news.

Old Ft. MacArthur Days are this weekend, July 11-12.

Regular monthly neighborhood council meetings are next Monday and Tuesday for Northwest and Central, respectively. Central is taking to the great outdoors and holding its meeting on the Waterfront Promenade. That’s right, down by the waterfront at Harbor Boulevard and First Street. The meeting will include an update from port Executive Director Geraldine Knatz about waterfront development and other port topics. Park in the port lot on the east side of Harbor Boulevard and walk one-half block north to the Santa Cruz Plaza area. View the full meeting agenda on the council’s home page.

How about some news videos with your morning coffee? Councilwoman Hahn and former Honorary Mayor John Mavar are among the locals who post multimedia news to their websites.

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