Friday, March 13, 2009

New Neighborhood Councilmembers

Jennifer Radisic was appointed to the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council. Here’s information about Radisic from Random Lengths News:

“The owner of a local plumbing business was recently elected to fill a vacant seat on the Coastal’s Governing Board. Jennifer Radisic told the audience that participating in a community project to plant trees on Pacific Avenue was ‘one of the greatest experiences’ of her life. She added that she used to work for the San Pedro News-Pilot, and that one of her efforts as a new member would be to help reduce the level of graffitti around town.

“Radisic is opposed to the development of a cruise terminal in the outer harbor, but declined to comment on whether an off-leash dog park should be put at Joan Milke Flores Park, and whether the school district should build SRHS15.

“‘I’ll take the fifth,’ said Radisic.”

Phillip Strout, development director for Beacon House, was appointed to the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council this week.

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