Friday, February 27, 2009

My Votes on Tuesday

By Doug Epperhart

I don’t think I’ve ever missed an election in the years since I turned 18. I’ll be there Tuesday and here are my picks:

Mayor: NONE OF THE ABOVE. But, if somebody held a gun to my head, I’d vote for Walter Moore – or maybe David Hernandez. I vote for candidates who make a positive argument for why they want the job and are qualified to do it. I don’t vote for a candidate just because he’s not the other guy. None of the nine challengers has convinced me to vote for them. Neither has Villaraigosa.

City Attorney: NOEL WEISS. I know Noel and like him. His heart’s in the right place and he’s not a city hall insider. That said, any of the other candidates – Carmen Trutanich, David Berger or Michael Amerian – would do a fine job. This is a tough pick because they’re all good candidates. Just don’t vote for JACK Weiss. He’s a Villaraigosa puppet.

City Controller: NICK PATSAOURAS. His main opponent, Wendy Greuel, is too closely aligned with Villaraigosa and too much the insider at city hall. Nick is independent and capable of shining a light on the dark corners of city government.

Councilmember: JANICE HAHN. I’m sure her opponent, Chris Salabaj, is a nice guy, but the city is at a critical juncture and I don’t think we can wait for him to complete on-the-job training. I’ve disagreed in print with Hahn more than once. I’ve agreed with her a lot more often. If nothing else, she’s a known quantity.

Measure A: YES
Measure C: YES
Measure D: YES
These proposed charter amendments have to do with technical matters involving the fire department and the police and fire pension plans. They provide additional oversight and flexibility.

Measure B: NO. This is the much-discussed solar power initiative. It was cooked up by the electrical workers’ union as a way to monopolize work at the expense of taxpayers. The city council rushed it to the ballot with little public scrutiny and no good estimate of how much it will cost. Five harbor area neighborhood councils oppose this measure. It’s so bad, other unions are against it.

Measure E: NO. Vaguely-worded amendment allowing the city to give “incentives” to lure business to L.A. Our mayor has spent a lot of time flying in corporate planes. Do you think this might be his way of helping the fat cats pay for jet fuel?

Doug Epperhart is a San Pedro resident, business owner and Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council board member.


mellonhead said...

If I actually lived in L.A. I'd vote for Walter Moore--without needing a gun pointed at my head. I wish you all the best of luck with whomever you vote for.

Anonymous said...

Who manages the DWP? Is it General Manager H. David Nahai, Mayor Villaraigosa, City Council, or Brian D’Arcy from the Water and Power Defense League, Local 18 (IBEW)? Let’s not forget that IBEW Local 18 contributed $100,000.00 in support of Yes on Proposition S, phone tax. Where are the checks and balances when IBEW Local 18 has contributed to Councilmembers Greuel, Alarcon, Rosendahl, Huizar, Hahn, Garcetti, Reyes, Cardenas, Perry, Controller Chick and a MAJOR contributor to Villaraigosa?

Just to list a few contributions made to Villraigosa by IBEW Local 18.

05/02/05 (Radio Buy) $200,000.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Committee on Political Education

03/23/05 - 05/12/05 - $108,424.87
Local 18 Water and Power Defense League (IBEW)

The lists goes on.

Vote for Change!

Mayor Walter Moore
City Attorney Carmen Trutanich
Controller Nick Patsaouras
Councilmember Chris Salabaj

NO Measue A
NO Measure B
NO Measure E

Anonymous said...

City of L.A. Registered
Voters: 1,596,165

Council District 15 Registered Voters: 99,553

Election Night Results (Unofficial)
as of March 4, 2009


Votes: 9,250
Percent: 75.71%

Votes: 2,967
Percent: 24.29%

Congratulations to Ms. Hahn on her third term. However, it does not appear to be a glorious election base on these numbers with only 9,250 (9.29%) voter turout of the total 99,553 registered voters in her district.

It does not include the 46,000 city ballots still uncounted.